Original Green Shed and Summer Flowers
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About my green shed


Despite the name, it’s not all about green, or indeed sheds, but it is about colour and about creativity.  I am drawn to both, be it through crafting, design or writing.  From 2012-2018 I spent many, many hours studying for my English Literature and Creative Writing degree in my little green shed – a place of tranquillity, creativity and inspiration.  The beloved indoor space was set amongst an array of colourful plants and flowers, a haven from which to write whilst listening to the rain gently pattering on the roof or to watch the birds flitting amongst the quickthorn. 


My background consists of roles in which I turned my hand and mind to develop and create.  Technology has provided another avenue down which I can channel my creativity. My experience in this area is in design and editing of a biannual magazine, newsletters, advertisements, brochures (online and print), photography, photograph editing and website management. My first business (The Purple Peacock) hatched in approx. 2005 and flew for two years. Back then I made and sold handbags and jewellery. The revival and transition to Green Shed Creative reflects my attained skills and experience over the subsequent twelve years.


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